SEO services most common mistakes

Most common mistakes of SEO services is that they only focus on ranking and traffics not on keywords. Rankings and traffics are great but if this rankings and traffics does not convert into sales or revenue this will be useless.

“As a business owner your main goal is to increase your revenue! ”

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SEO services: Choosing the right keywords

Keywords research is by far the most important part in any SEO campaigns, you pick the wrong keywords the whole campaign fails and this is the main issue of lots of SEO services offered, most of them just don’t even bother of picking the right keywords; they usually ask their clients which terms they want to rank for, and naturally client don’t know how to do this. It is the work of the SEO services. That is the main reason why business owners hire them.

SEO services most common mistakes

The result on picking the wrong keywords;

Reality is that when you picked the wrong phrase or keywords with a very low monthly search volume. Search volume of a phrase obviously determines the amount of traffic that will be sending to your site once you rank for it. The keywords that you should choose must be relevant on the goal of your campaign and the nature of your business; it might be wise of picking buying keywords rather that researched keywords.  Researched keywords usually have a much higher volume than buying keywords, but on the other hand buying keywords would be much easier to covert into actual customers and money into your website than researched keywords do.

We must keep in mind that there is researched keywords and buying keywords. Buying keyword are phrases that people type on search engine when they have already decided on buying or availing a certain product or service (SEO services). Another mistakes in picking the wrong keywords is that your are picking keywords that are far too competitive.

Researched keywords or Buying keywords?

Theoretically you can rank on any term or keywords you want on the search engine (SEO services). Its just the matter of time and budget you want to invest. We should also consider that there are existing huge companies that have already invested lots of money and time on SEO. Just ask yourself first “Do really need to invest on high cost researched keywords?”. You may consider some phrases that way less competitive but might be highly relevant to your product or services that you are selling. And will allow you to increase your revenue much faster than spending a huge budget. And you will be waiting for a long time until you rank into a very competitive level.

Just ask the (SEO services) SEO agency or company that you are dealing with on what keywords they would suggest in order to rank your site, and ask them the reason why they suggest this keywords and if their reason sounds good for you, then “go for it!“

The most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

Website is designed for users, not for search engines! “The statement is quite true, but what use is the best web design, if you are not found on the web. Inconveniently, especially graphically oriented web designers may seem, on the subject of SEO cannot avoid it. For it is your site once, you will come with subsequent (SEO services) SEO optimizations quickly reach their limits. Usually it is much more time and cost-saving if you already avoid SEO services mistakes in website planning.

Below I would like to present the six most common SEO mistakes and give you some tips on how you can avoid this.

  • No or incorrect metadata

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the application of metadata when building a website is simply forgotten. In fact, metadata are an important part of any website. They contribute to the fact that search engines find the site because they provide valuable information about the content of the page. Under Metadata is defined as the title tag of a page (this should be not more than 60 or below 50 characters long, optimally not less 50 characters) and Description, Title and Description are what search engines eject as text notes on the URL found page, the title is so to speak the title of the Google search result (SEO services).

  • Too many graphical content, too little “real text”

As they say? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But search engines cannot see images. On many sites you but still finds graphically prepared text that was saved as an image, such as pure image header. The consequence: These sites have then usually no real headline and / or Sub headline.

  • (SEO services) You have optimized your site in wrong Searches

If you want to be found by search engines (SEO services), it is not enough that you distribute arbitrary keywords to your site, but you need to optimize your site in those keywords out that you really make.

  • Your images have empty alt attributes

You will probably make your website with pictures.  (SEO services) But search engines cannot images “seen”. For these to classify correctly, you should describe images always on the Alt tag or alt attribute. Also, use possible context-relevant filename.

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